Wednesday, October 13, 2010

beer place to beer place

First to "speedriver", sunday check, but not knowing about it? it was posted all over the place, it would have made for a nice weekend drive in your porsche.

After a nice thanksgiving dinner Sunday, got up early to make the ride into town to meet up with the folks from sport swap and head to Creemore. Tristan said he was riding in from Orillia so I couldn't not ride into Barrie, he didn't. Elizabeth and Jacob drove past and didn't even offer a motorpace at all not even 15 seconds.

Matt P even made the trip up from the GTA bubble to ride here in Barrie, He rolled up on a sick carbon bike. Actually Norco's were outnumbering Treks.

No time was wasted in the sign sprints, Brandon Parker made the ride to finish what he started on the pancake ride.

Rolled into Creemore after a dude in sketchy Intrepid followed us for a while, Peter G hobbled out of the his car to have some samples and lunch with us.

The ride back started out slow but that didn't last long by the end we were splintered into about 4 groups on the road. That's when I said I don't need this and turned for home.

Perfect day for the ride,

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speedriverbicycle said...

posted all over the place? you mean, like, the oca website? and the organizers site? cyclocrossontario? but I've never ... been ... to ... those ... sites. damn. foiled.

porsche was in the garage. only had the lambo.