Monday, September 27, 2010


Back in the room after a great homemade meal at chez Morka, good living exactly what I needed after a week of dining out breakfast lunch and dinner.

yesterday we rolled up and got registered at liberty bikes, and got a tour of the some of the spots for the guys to shoot. Walked around st paul street, a bit sketchy not going to lie, to top it off some wasted guys wanted to pick a fight with us outside liberty as we were picking up the cars.

Headed to the course early to catch the other waves head out. Then it was the big show, the super elite race.

Start was good, then started to get boxed in a bit, once I saw an opening after a few minutes I got an opening through the one puddle on the course and found myself in the lead for a bit, don’t remember exactly when but Pete and De Cal came by. Struggled in 3rd wheel thinking I was going to blow and need to pull off. Luckily I got all messed up through some narrow trees when off the trail and found myself at the back of the group anyway. Yup two bars next year 620’s for Ontario, 660’s for the rest of the world.

Hit the first road climb and gaver to see if I could catch back on, I couldn’t. And again I found myself in no mans land. By myself, just cranking along, and that’s how she stayed until the end. The course was cool, very fast, the full squish was awesome, I was able to just sit and pin it though anything. The last road climb wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be.

Thanks to Liberty bikes for hosting the race, the Ontario riding trip is coming to a close, almost time to head home.....

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