Thursday, September 9, 2010

So it begins

Took a little break from this for a few days mostly cause since the end of the race Saturday it has been pretty low key.

Sunday just hung out and watched the DH, Lauren won her race which was wicked, she even remembers my name.

Monday was the long journey home, I barely slept that night, but it was my job to keep the driver awake, so cracked some redbulls and rambled on about anything and everything for the next 10 hours.

Woke up Tuesday am with a sore throat and some nice nasal congestion. I will say that this year I have been pretty lucky with my illness timing.
Laid low for a couple days downing all the herbal supplements that I'm sure do nothing but makes you think your doing something to get better.

Today was the best I've felt for a couple days and looking at the calender thought I should try for a long ride. Loaded up as much food and water I could and headed out on the FFH. No Hr(my monitor needs a Battery) no gps, no ipod, just me and my bike, looking for bears. Ingram to warmup and into Copeland(berms), 5th to sugarbush trails, into the 7th and 8th trails, old barrie to 6th tried to ride wilderness but apparently its being logged, resisted the urge to cross the road and rip a lap of coffee run. some more simcoe county forests to finish off a nice big loop. Longest ride since July and I didn't feel half bad. I mean I felt Awesome I'm going to tear some legs off on duck lake road.

(Mind games are in full swing at the moment)

I think thats about it


Peter said...

Hr strap needed ... Ur monitor is broke

What u ridin sat?

Andy said...

Monitor will be up and running soon,

Saturday may be off the bike going for a hike.