Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Senior worlds of the world, the real worlds not tuesday or wednesday night worlds.

Finally after a few bubble years i have arrived at senior mtb worlds. Rolled in Monday evening parked the team truck and got into national team mode.

Nice to see lots of provinces represented even Newfoundland, they must be very proud of Lesperance.

Random but just found out hydro transformers are filled with mineral oil, crazy.

Course is "blown out" never seen it so dry and dusty, reminds me of hardwood. Had a little bail but it was all good cause i landed in 6 inches of powder.

Took me a few laps yesterday and today to feel like a mtb'er again. I'm not nervous but just tense for some reason. But all is good now, the course is getting more and more torn up but my comfort level is higher.

Accommodations are good, Geoff almost kicked me out for using a blade grinder to grind my coffee. Still can't look me in the eye.

Just got back to the place after the relay. good stuff.

Leg is good, had a little work done on it yesterday and it feels great right now.

Some rain in the forecast would be good, keeps getting pushed back so we'll see if we get any.

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