Friday, September 3, 2010

The seconds are in the corners and on the hills, i've wasted a lot of seconds in my life

Bike is primed, I am ready as I will ever be, the weather gods are promising to unleash hell on the big boys(and girls) tomorrow.

Now that I have the course dialed it will probably change a fair bit with the rain. walked the B-line as apparently it is a good option especially on the first lap if there is a line up waiting to hit the rocky DH.

The pre-ride today was solid, couldn't shake this french dude, he had some nice lines so I followed him for a bit anyways, found two I hadn't seen before, and then attacked him good when he dropped his bottle.

I keep thinking I'll be able to chill out after this, but CTS is only 2 weeks off. Might be a good thing to be somewhat prepared for that.

Apparently there will be some CBC coverage of the race starting at 3, may catch a glimpse.

Before I forget sending out some healing vibes to J Staff for a quick recovery.

I know I had more to tell but its getting late,

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