Monday, September 20, 2010

The rundown

K, have to keep this as brief as im packing to head up to Blue for a few more days of filming with the ride guide.

Day one, woke up at 5:30 to get some grub in me, and headed off to Haliburton forest.
2 hrs and an angry phone call later I arrived no thanks to google directions. Signed in and got my bike all fitted up, did a short pre race interview with the ride guide which i guarantee won't make the cut. Start, 3 rox was playing some team tactics and sent Hancock and Wagler2 out front, Preston missed the first turn even though there were 25 people and arrows yelling go right.

Was in a train with 3rox(A) and the trek boys. With Tyson's first hanger replacement I found myself alone with Peter and Eric. Had a nice crash early on, broke my bottle cage and lost my bottle so I was down to just my back pocket. Very tricky in singletrack taking a drink. Pete was killing it for the first 1 hr of singletrack, Dropping Eric and myself multiple times.

Got out of Haliburton, and onto some atv trail, yup it was crank the shield mud bogs and rocks, found myself really getting into it. Haven't felt that good on a bike since Bromont(first 99.5%) The duo were riding well, but I still found myself riding ahead on my own. Then it happened my 2010 bear hunt came to an end, a small black bear which I could have easily taken ran across a cottage road in front of me, I was a happy camper after that.

Got to hwy 35, starting to feel a bit tapped, they said 6km on the road, I knew where I was, got aero for a bit and thought f-it if i get caught oh well i'm going to be comfortable and settled in for a long drag, into camp kandalore. Never looked back, 1.78km from the finish just before turning into the camp Pete came by me out of the saddle, something about kelso 09 was said and I was left in their dust. Rode in and before long the 3 rox boys came in.

Day 2: yeah, gotta get going, ill get back to this, hopefully they have some interweb at blue.....k packing is going well

Day 2: ummm, neutral ride to the start nice morning not to chilly. Strategy for the day was to ride with the teams and not by myself. The plan held for about 45 minutes when Pete and I were having a big ring competition and he snapped his chain. So it was the 3 rox boys and myself, plowing through the B trail, seemed pretty similar to 08, Derek took a header into a pond, and knocked his rear wheel off. Tyson and I took a nature break and we continued on. I was thinking how nice it was to be riding with some people and knew there was a lot of road once we got out of Hell sorry the B trail.

Sure enough a rock pops up and smokes Tysons rear d and hanger again. I think that was at about 1.5 hours in (ish) So there I was on my own again in the wilds of the Canadian shield, day two is somewhat unique in its remoteness the other two days your always crossing roads or other trails, the B trail however is never ending. Got to the hunting camp and was pleased to see Rob there, and I knew I was getting somewhat remotely close to the road. Hit the hydro cut and really just wanted to get out of the woods. At 2.5 hours I was out on the road, out of food and water, and feeling a little drained, emotionally, mentally, and physically.

After a few Km's I could see the two teams with a little gap charging hard, 3rox where the first to arrive, Thought for about 2 seconds about jumping on but did not have the juice for that. Hit a tough climbed and knew I was in a bit of trouble.

The trek boys came up, asking where the feed zone was, I gave a simple "I don't know" hand gesture and they continued on their chase, with Eric leading and it looked like Pete hanging on for dear life.

Luckily it wasn't far, I pulled in behind them, but took some more time there, had some coke(cola) and as much food as I could stuff down. Headed out knowing it was mostly climbing on roads for the last 20-25km.

I was feeling pretty blown out, no top end, but was able to get into a nice groove, Kept looking back expecting a train of guys to come up, but never did and finished off the day pretty spent, not as spent as Peter though I was able to think and talk coherently. And remember events in their proper order.

Got showered and fed and hit the Mic with Pete for the first of hopefully many announcing gigs.

Day 3 to come, ok now I really need to get some stuff done.


Peter said...

Well done ... Let's take action on this radio show or podcast

Matt Spak said...

I know first hand that exhaustion leads to swearing