Saturday, September 4, 2010


Back from a nice team dinner, spirits are high it was a great week for the Canadians.

Had some time to digest my race.

The weather was changing by the minute this morning, tire choice was really the only stress the past couple days, Decided on a Karma front and a slant 6 rear, intermediate tires. While I was warming up Kevin sat down and pretty much said this is the show man up. So the Small Block stayed on the rear, Kept the Karma on the front though, I really liked the idea of having the L3R compound up front for the rocky DH.

Good warmup, I noticed a ton of glass in the pit area from the previous night so I opted to warm up on the trainer. Warmup was good, left leg was feeling a little tight, I think I've been compensating a bit the past couple weeks maybe have a bit of an imbalance going on now. Put it out of my mind, my leg is 100 times better than it was and thinking about it wasn't going to help.

Callup was awesome probably the most I have ever been cheered before and all I was doing was heading to the line. A preview of what was to come I guess.

Start was decent off the line, held onto a nice position, moved up a bunch in "the" crash going up the left side.

First climb and singletrack was tough but luckily I am comfortable getting on and off my bike. Hit the rocky DH, it was a bit of a cluster, opted to go where the least amount of people were and run the rocks.

Next climb was again lots of running up the switchbacks which was surprisingly pretty quick but tough on the legs.

Main DH,(about 10 mintues in) pedaling became all messed up, got out to the field looked down and looked like i had a sapling trailing out of my derailleur/hanger/cassette. Not sure where it game from never left the course and bushwacked at all. Luckily the pit was right there pulled in and the Shimano guys helped me get it out. Had to pull the wheel out, chain came off, found another twig in the top of the cassette. Not sure how much time I lost 25 30 seconds, but a ton of spots, went from the high 40's to low 60's.

Right away new the shifting was off, probably a bent hanger, or a bashed rear d. Decided I'll know soon enough if its the ladder and put the rock hammer down. Gears were skipping pretty good, took me a while to figure out what was useful and what was to be avoided. Best bets were middle and top three on the cassette, which was good it wasn't the other way around on the climbs.

Once I got things sorted out it was apparent by the time back I only had another lap or two left.

Just focused on riding everything clean, even found myself having a little fun out there, Rode the rocky DH every lap, which saved huge time and got some good cheers from the crowd. I felt pretty comfortable on it even in the mud, last lap started to chase Sven Nys, I could see him in the distance, after the DH he was out of sight thought he put the hammer down, guess he b'lined it. Got to the 80% with 2 to go and made a graceful exit.

Highlights, not DNF'ing, the cheering was insane on the switchback climb/decent and the rock garden, definitely helped out. Oh and didn't affect my performance but got stung by a fracking Bee halfway through, flew in my jersey, spectators probably thought I was hitting myself out of anger.

Next up, hang out tomorrow, take it easy and head home Monday and get training for CTS.

want to thank all the CCA staff for all their support, Kevin for his wicked pep talks, and everyone back home sending my tweets/facebook messages.

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