Tuesday, September 14, 2010


CTS is fast approaching, registration has been finalized doing with an old training partner he's pretty good, can get kinda wussy when its cold but we'll ride well together. Was trying to get Matt p to do it with me again, defend our title, but contract negotiations broke down at the last minute, he wanted 20 bucks, I said 15 max, and that was all she wrote.

According to the rooming list I'm 29, thats cool. Rooming with a bunch of milk boys, hope they bring enough to share.

Saturday rode midhurst for a bit, couldn't ride in a straight line, decided to opt out of the marathon the next day. Sunday 2 hours on road. Havy called that weak and that I needed to toughen up.

Training Yesterday

4 hours endurance, riding up and down hills of Oro.

Homework: Watch American Flyers for 3 day stage race tactics,

4.5 hours endurance 4 planned but wind shifts and construction extended it, Awenda complete ride with rain, wind, sand pits,(road construction)

Homework: re-read Art of War.

All was on track my battery shipment was coming in with all sorts of new goodies for all my eletronic gizmoes, Really just needed a HR monitor battery at the moment, sure enough they sent each battery but that one. yeah not a happy camper right now.

Lots more to ramble on about, short story few more days till an awesome race starts,

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