Friday, September 24, 2010

Day 3 CTS plus the past couple

As promised i am ready to deliver my stage 3 report, now that many days have past and im in a pretty non race mode at the moment, it will be brief,

Started at sir sams wicked trails best ridding of the weekend it was over to quickly. Had made up my mind to let the teams have their battle and have a "me" stage. Set up some riding partners from the previous days chase groups. That plan fell apart on the first downhill with Jamie Wagler blowing a tire off the rim and crashing, awesome.

When we hit the road the gap to the leaders was substantial. I settled into the group that formed with Andrew M, Mike D, Preston and the 8 foot tall 3 rox rider. And others of course.

When we hit the hydrocut hills I got that urge to start turning the screws not sure why, Maybe knowing it was a shortish stage and I really remember enjoying haliburton forest.

Found the trek boys at aid 1, Pete was putting his wheel back on after a flat, I thought cool maybe i can ride with them now, got rolling then never saw them again must, turns out they had some more issues. So there I was alone cranking the shield solo again.

Long story short rolled into the finish line grabbed my crank the shield hat mowed down some chips and cola, and ate some wicked BBQ to finish of the weekend. Glad to have won the solo cat to go alone with the two man team win in 08. Next up for 2012 solo singlespeed trying for the trifecta. Guess a mixed team is also an option. Any ladies out there want to go for a win??

Before i forget the the young Scottish chap that I'm with for the week took some grat shots of crank up at here on facebook also some of blue mountain and some more of the weeks adventures to follow.

Monday after a morning of laundry and packing up some more diverse riding gear I headed to Blue mountain to meet up for the first of three days there, pretty mellow first day did some village shots of Matt and I strolling.

Tuesday did some lift access runs with Mike Towers leading the way. Had a blast, wall rides, jumps, berms, skinnies, its like joyride 150 but on the side of a hill ingenious idea.

Wednesday we got rained out, so we headed to scenic caves to do some shooting in there, the guys were skeptical but got pretty pumped once we got in there.

Past couple days had "two local rippers" show us around hardwood, Matt Bailed huge, had a run in with the OPP on the 5th line, it was pretty eventful day for sure.

St kitts tomorrow after filming the start of the 8 hour.

The squeezer thing Sunday, Niagara falls Monday, and just got the word Joyride 150 Tuesday to finish off this Ontario riding adventure.

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