Wednesday, September 29, 2010

and another one bites the dust

Looks like the Spaniard is going down, now here is the choice keep your mouth shut take the two years and come back to win a couple more tours, or blow the whistle Landis style. I'm thinking the previous, if he was older I could see him trying to take the big man down with him but I think he'll take his licks and keep quiet.

I know I sound like I think everyone is on drugs, well ever since Chris Sheppard was busted I think anyone "could" be on drugs. Don't get me wrong out of all the old boys he was the friendliest most helpful and the only guy to even acknowledge my existence at my first worlds in 2003. Even offering me some sweet chocolate cereal. But it was a wake up call, you don't need to be a star to be juiced up.

Back to what I was originally going to write about, the last couple days of Matt P and my Ontario adventure. Post squeezer we headed to Niagara falls for the afternoon to get some good bromance shots of us overlooking the falls, and a couple more interviews.

One last dinner with Josh and Neil having some sweet Indian on St Paul street. We headed to Joyride 150 for one last day of filming, it wasn't for the same episode but we were glad to help fill the xc role at joyride, they had some great bmx'ers come in that will be the highlight of that segment for sure.

One last night out in Barrie and I arrived home this morning, got guilt tripped into racing tonight at hardwood, really wanted a day away from a bike, but I caved.

It was a great night for a race warm and sunny, the course was great similar to last years, lots of sandy corners, took me a bit to get used to the new bike and geometry, I was buzzing my toes like crazy trying to pedal on tight corners, need to get used to that bike again.

Was riding with Jacob until he crashed, and there I was by myself, least this time I was on a short course and got to ride past Elizabeth, Tammy and Matt who had lots of colourful commentary.

Oh and Matt P busted his collarbone last Thursday at hardwood crashing on skid rock, raced the squeezer, rode joyride, yeah thats Chuck Norris tough.


Jeff Moote said...

You mean you came to Niagara Falls and didn't tell me?

jvk said...

"Anyone could be on drugs?"
"You don't need to be a star...?"

Is there something you'd like to say Andrew?