Sunday, August 1, 2010

Valley of the Sun

Well it was sunny and hot today for sure. Second hottest race of the year. And lots of open climbs to soak it in.

Standard world cup day start at 8 pm, at least it feels like it. I think between Derek and I we have killed some serious sudoko.

The temperature climbed nicely into the high 20’s at least if not a little hotter. Again sun peaks esque for sure. Got warmed up, some advice from EB female as she is called apparently. Warmed up on the road legs felt good loose, didn’t take to much to feel ready to go.

Lined up in my typical 70’s position. The start was the usual, I got caught up in one pile up, didn’t go down but had to put my foot down. Got on the good line so saved some energy there, The rest of the start loop went pretty well, I could here crashes behind me so that was good, Found myself not to far from DZ, we always joked about Canadians riding together so I made sure to keep an appropriate distance.

First lap was pretty good bottlenecking wasn’t too bad, then it happened I’ve heard of this before, the Wolfram train. Sure enough he comes trucking by and to the front and just blows it in the singletrack. The train establishes, a little run section, I passed some people and came out behind him. Had to push him to get him to move forward. Hit the climb and he killed it again. After the first lap there was a solid 15 guys behind him. I’m sure he’s a nice guy its just funny that it always happens.

Settled in, I could tell guys were already starting to crack with the climbing and heat. Started to move up a bit. Found myself in behind DZ, damn, well that’s just the way it was. Good lap.

Third lap was my best, maybe a little too good, rolled past the k-bomb he didn’t look to hot, heard he pulled the plug just after. Heading out on the 4th lap and felt that little twinge of bonk come over me. With 3 to go I put into it a little bit of damage control, had to talk myself into keeping going a big mental game there for a bit.

Backed off a couple percent and started to feel better. Racing was pretty much out at that point it was just survival. Saw a couple guys just collapsed on the side of the course, and one guy stop turn around and just ride back down. That made me feel better,

Last two laps were solid, starting to feel the burn for sure, not sure where I finished but I think I had a cleaner race than last weekend, Felt a little stronger at the end than last week, Best “euro” world cup finish and race for sure. I still need to work on some things with these races but getting there.

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