Thursday, August 26, 2010

US of A racing

After some long days I've found out we have some interweb here at the Norco world/factory team household. The trip down was fairly uneventful zach got gloved at the border but other than it was quick and painless.

Im not going to lie, apparently ever since i broke my leg I sleep a lot, and crushed some zzz's in the truck. Jonathan is with us from out west so the navigating was in good hands.

Got on the course today with Zack for a few laps, where I realized my skills/confidence are not as high as i would like. The leg is pretty good, got a solid 2 hrs in on the tuesday nighter, pushed some respectable wattages.

Back to the course, I think I missed all the trail signs except for alp duez which I almost crashed on(its a climb) and blackout. Couldn't find the Kabush Falls section.

Kept it upright for the pre-ride, which was good there are a couple right handers that have me on edge.

Switching to the Slant 6's for Tomorrow and probably the race i was running on some low volume tires today which left a little be desired on the rocky sections.

Want to wish everyone luck racing HAN I expect some elbows between a couple solo's,

sticking around sunday so look for a post race report.

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Matt Spak said...

Actually Ben and I are planning on just hang out in the pit area and sing Kumbia instead of battling it out on the course.