Sunday, August 15, 2010

this is going to make for good photos

Well the canada cup season is over. Im happy to say i did not loose the overall.

The race was good, felt strong climbing, rode pretty clean, and stayed in a nice solid 3rd place behind DZ and Liam all day. Last lap, heading into the last piece of singletrack was cooking along pretty good trying to carry some momentum into it. Not sure exactly but it felt like and by my injures i think my rear wheel got kicked up. And i found myself landing relatively hard on my right leg on a nice piece slick rock. Skidded to a stop and immediately thought, huh is this is what a broken femur feels like? Its not but i couldn't move for a solid 30 seconds, just laid there, actually i managed to roll myself off the line.

Nice french marshal was there, he didn't' freak out which was good. Sat for a bit, was able to stand up for a bit, decided i wouldn't be able to finish it off, took all my big boy's don't cry strength to get my leg over and coast down the access road to the first aid area. They cleaned me up and got some ice on it.

Got back to the trailer where i was well taken care of by the Viponds and Bailey's.

hobbled up to the awards to get another jersey, happy with that.

Not going to lie my leg hurts, some question marks for the next few weeks, im able to put good weight on it, its not broken but, it will need some TLC.

thanks to all for their concern on the course and after,

travel home tomorrow should be interesting.


battery was running low, also need to thank the norco fella's Zach for helping out with a nice bike wash, and Kev for the feeds and picking up some dinner. Also Pete for holding down the fort.

had a cool bath, helped bring the heat down, have some compression on it now. pics to come.

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