Thursday, August 19, 2010

So this m and m is pretty good

After some running around town playing chauffer i headed out to watch the wednesday night department store bike showdown of the world.

Actually i just wanted to take Starbuck out for a walk and it was a wednesday night, two birds theory again.

Spotted some former MTB'ers doing some secret training, One Charlotte Batty, pretty sure she was doing intervals, and he blogged about it so it can't be too secret. Fry showed up on a funny looking 29'er. And led out at whatever course it was at about 50 rpm.

I confirmed my attendance tomorrow night for the peanut butter burger ride, tried to see if a chariot or burley could be beefed up by then. Answer was yes but it probably won't fit through the barriers. Darn.

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Kyle Fry said...

yes! i made the blog!