Saturday, August 28, 2010

race report

For all those dreading my race report rejoice as it will be brief.

All was set to go nice and early, even got some birthday pie Fee was celebrating last night. Good times. Couldn't have asked for a nicer day here in new york sun was shining not a whiff of wind, warm, didn't' feel like a usual wet world cup like they usually are.

Everyone was in high spirits it was time to finish off the world cup season.

Warmed up headed to the start line, listened to the American anthem on the start line, Pretty sure Broderick had a tear roll down his cheek.

The start was for me very clean, I thought everyone was pretty keen on a clean start with no crazy take out passes. At least where I was, up front a couple guys hit the deck going under the finish/lap banner. Which in a funny way made everyone string out single file which made for a nice climb. Made some nice ground up utilizing walking over a rock that no-one wanted to go near(it was on the course don't worry)

All in all probably my cleanest and happiest i have ever come out of a WC start. I felt good, i was able to settle into my own pace and could tell some of the other guys were working way harder just to stay in front.

Like I said one of my favourite RACE courses my legs felt pretty good considering and i was ready to buckle down.

Headed into the DH and punctured I kept my cool, did a quick calculation and opted to fix it, as it was a good chunk to the tech zone, not runable(for me Pete will say different) and didn't want to destroy a wheel. Got the tube in, but as is my problem frequently co2 error. By this point the follow moto was waiting behind me, and again quick calculation, wouldn't have made it through the 80% hoofing it after trying to change it. So that was that,

Made my way down, did some cheering and reported in where the commisaire looked surprised and thanked me about 8 times for reporting that i dnf'd. Really i was just scared of ending up in an OCA communique.

I was able to see some of the race which was cool, cheered on Cam and DZ, Cam commented that he didn't know what the last lap was like, I also called Kulhavy for the W, Zack said who? I said just watch.

getting long,

Good workout planned for tomorrow then off to mt st anne Monday.

I would quote what Peter said to me on the side of the trail but this is a PG-13 blog.


jvk said...

Was that you I saw on Freecaster with the CO2 spraying all over the place? Looks like you were having a heck of a time.

They also showed Peter's run to the tech zone in super slow motion with background music. Baywatch-esque.

Andy said...

that sounds like me, in my late year unorganized haste I forgot my co2 head at the condo, borrowed one that I don't think was a genuine innovations product....lesson learned