Monday, August 23, 2010

Provincials Race Report

With my betting ticket in hand I headed down to Woodnewton, to take some shots and support the team, Stu, Sue and Zack, well turns out Stu wasn't in the mood for racing so he was just chilling. It was all on Sue and Zack, told them no pressure. Ill add some of the better shots, gots lots of blurry ones, I blame my lack of skill a bit but mostly the low light conditions.

After my solid pep talks and tire pressure advice I headed to hike the course, well walk slowly, take lots of shortcuts and sit down often. Almost made it to the start line before being verbally accosted by J-Staff, I won't post those pictures.

Hiked out a bit from the start line as it appeared to be well covered by the paparazzi.

Elites went off, looked like they were just in cruise control, juniors started and looked like they were trying to kill each other. Headed out and watched the other starts roll by, saw Steve Neal out there, he was all business and wasn't taking any of my advice re:Cadence, Hydration. By the start of the 2nd lap it looked to be blown to pieces, D-rock up front who said it was ``more difficult than it looked`` (yes I was interviewing as the race progressed) Eric and Cam, then not far back Adam and Peter, with Stafford chasing them leading the U-23.

Turned into a Sam Rykoff peanut gallery out there, most enjoyed the heckling, some not so much. The rest of the laps are kinda a blur, gave some back splits, and other timing info out as the race progressed, tried my best to be Switzerland and give as many as I could to various people. I know Mitch appreciated the 1 10th of a second back split to Evan.

Stafford rode strong in the U-23 lead all day 6th overall, Heard something along the lines of apples as he rode by me.

Adam and Peter worked well together(it appeared) all day, Peter is getting out of the saddle just for the camera, I know it and so does Adam.

Derek on his way to the W,

So as for my predictions, lets just say I didn`t win enough to fund my worlds trip, but I did get the win, Eric in 4th, and Cam was the U-25 champ, and Peter did sprint for 2nd with Adam, but lost by a wheel.

I also realized that its way less tiring to just watch a race. That said I was bummed I wasn`t racing that one, course looked nice, looking forward to racing it in the future.

Heading to New York Wednesday, should be good, Leg is getting better by the day, gonna a try for a good ride today.

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Peter said...

thanks for your sportsmanship and photos