Saturday, August 21, 2010


Leg is doing well, some good ROM on the trainer, Try for a little more today.

Yesterday I set up shop in well the shop, and got a garbage can of icy water set up, and started working on getting my bikes and wheels mounted on the wall, when i got stumped i'd ride the trainer and then hit the ice bath.

Thanks to the twins for the mounting hardware, they worked great.

Still some work to do out there but I figure it will all be done by winter when all I really use is the one bike, ok 2 if you count the joyride bike which requires low maintenance thankfully.

Had a nice dinner with everyone at the quarterdeck, had the compass rose again, Not as good as last time. I skipped the ride and opted for a drive with Tammy who regaled me with her transrockies stories. And her training for said race, which included lots of tempo on gravel roads, I asked who her coach was but she refused to tell me.

Some family time today, then head down to Uxbridge tomorrow for provincials. I was hoping to be racing this one, but watching and putting money on it will be just as fun.

Predictions, The flying Dutchmen will be top of the list but that odds on so no fun there.

Under 25 provincial Champ (yes I made that up) will be Cam Jette. Who will sprint with Pete Glassford for 2nd overall and lose by a wheel, as Pete has been working on his sprint.

Eric and Adam will race for 4th, with Eric taking some risks and Adam riding to conserve his overall title, not wanting to crash out in the final minutes of the race, cause that is very jit.

Under 23, will be Zack but being chased hard by Andrew De Cal, and Kyle Fry will round out the top three U23(10th overall).

Or Tyson, Ryan, And Stafford will just destroy everyone. Then ride by me and say how do you like them Apples. Should be a good race....actually I wonder if MTB provincial team coach will be racing?? sounds like his kind of course, to late no changies.


J-Staff said...

Ouch not even in the running. That hurts Andrew.

Andy said...

made a quick edit, Sorry you race as if your a senior elite, I forget your a U23 sometimes