Friday, August 6, 2010

morning post

Up early yet again, i can't remember having this much problems readjusting to eastern time.

After some things around the house, I got ready to head out on the road bike for a few hours of endurance, did an "outer" loop of oro so that I could bail out if i started to feel like a bucket of hammers. Ride was going well until I hit Hawkstone, i think someone was playing with grenades cause i rode through what appeared to be shrapnel, flatted and proceeded to pick out little shards of steel from my tire. Of course I missed a piece and my spare tube went flat immediately, preceded to fill my tire with long grass to get me home while leaving some messages for a possible pickup. To my pleasant surprise I had two people stop and ask if i needed help.

Didn't have to ride my vegetation filled wheel too long before I was picked up in the AWI team van, even Starbuck came to make sure I was all good. Thinking back i should have just had my spare wheel delivered, maybe it was my subconscious allowing an easy out.

I got through most of the ride, made the executive decision to call it a day. A little garage organization which i quickly abandoned. A few errands in Orillia and i headed to the TT to watch the boys, may have invited myself to some tree top trekking on Sunday. Could be fun.

today will be a reattempt at the same loop backwards, minus Hawkstone I'm going to bypass that somehow.

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