Thursday, August 5, 2010


The journey home was great, first leg was a 7 hour drive over 4 mountain passes to get to Zurich, awesome for the passengers i think a bit exhausting on the drivers,except Scott he loved every minute of it. Made it to Zurich Bee line to the pizza place for what is becoming the traditional trip ending Calzone.

Flights home the next day were good, As Mitch said it best its like going into grade 9 you don't know what your going to get. As in the person or persons around you. On an 8.5 hour flight it means having a good flight and hating life. A quick transfer in Frankfurt and we headed for TO.

Breakfast in Switzerland, Lunch in Germany and dinner in Craighurst, long day.

Spent some time giving the FFH some TLC a good solid wash she was in need of. The bike lust came out too. The maytag repair man stopped by and with a little prodding convinced me to head down to Albion for a lap of the HAN course, Im not even racing it and I don't think Matt is either but really it was an excuse to ride somewhere different and with people.

Loaded up his family sedan with the bikes and we were down there pretty fast, I couldn't see the speedometer and that's probably a good thing.

Solid ride with the medium fast Sean and Adam group, highlight of the night was watching Kelsey and Corey just try to take each other out every 5 minutes, basically Jacob and Tristan when they were younger I imagine. And I got worked pretty good.

Having some troubles getting back into this time zone. Im hoping big bodems of coffee will help.

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