Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Guess Ill update this

Been in a weird state these past few days. First I'm pretty pissed at Cam for not racing Kelso.

Been feeling a little off riding has been iffy the past couple days. Last night rode in copeland, legs felt really good, rested, maybe i just needed a couple 16 hour sleeps. We'll see how they feel tonight, not to worried have some time before worlds.

Headed to Bromont via a bike demo tomorrow. Spending a little more time in the nation than usual for a weekend race but, who knows maybe it won't rain.

Ride this evening in town, haven't been to one in a while, i'm going to take the easy route in and drive in.


Peter said...

Thanks for the would be pick for kelso despite your last wager on me

Cam ... I agree but fear he is lost in a bad city in Europe

Remember ur quebec plate ;)

Tell havi he owes me a coffee date

Matt Spak said...

I really want to know what this guy is saying.