Tuesday, August 17, 2010

going through some records

I think the last time I Dnf'd after a crash was back at skyloft when i was a cadet expert im not going to say what year that was.

Drive home was good, actually very comfortable in the truck, so comfortable i was able to catch up on some sleep. I hate doing that while Kevin is driving but really i just passed out without much choice in the matter.

Made it home in good time, even had some visitors come over, Matt and Molly, who made herself right at home, pretty much growled at Starbuck and claimed the house as her own. And continued to piss off all the neighbours dogs, really caused quite a ruckus here in Craighurst.

Put compression on it last night and slept like a baby, leg feels pretty good, if your a senior elite in ontario, you better watch out come Sunday......

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