Saturday, August 7, 2010

bits and pieces

Riding has been alright, think i`m pretty much adjusted back to normal I slept really well last night. After a movie marathon, first up was the new Nolan flick, Inception. Best film i've seen in years, easily one of the most original movies i have seen ever. I have a huge itch to go see it again.

Post theater it was to the couch for a triple header, the losers, pretty good. Then I found Cool world and Little monsters in my friends DVD collection, it was a good night.

Looks like Craighurst has it first MTB worlds participant. The mens team was pretty straight forward 7 spots and 7 guys in the pool so it wasn`t hard to know who would be on the team. Apparently I made the A team, though the support is dolled out via the tiers anyway so really I`m not sure what the point of the two teams is. Its going to be surprisingly expensive for a home country worlds.

Pick for Kelso tomorrow, normally I would pick Pete but hes doing a long tempo ride tomorrow, so I`m going with the Jette.

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Tristan Spurr said...

How do I get Asian fans Andrew??