Friday, August 13, 2010

Back and Atom

K, been a lousy few days, actually really since getting home. After some good sleeps and meals I was feeling a lot better today. Not sure where the fitness is but I feel rested at least. I'm starting to wonder if its something at the Craighurst house. I feel better when i'm not there. That could just be in my head.

Wednesday was a travel day/demo at a weekly series race in Montreal. I was bummed i didn't suit up for this one. Really cool short course on a small ski hill 90% visible from the main area. Tons of people out, 200 racers but a ton of families and little kids. I started to notice people walking around with some brews too, could it be a beer garden at a weekly series race, It was a really cool series. Until it got dark, then it turned into a very seedy atmosphere with sketchy people coming out of nowhere, couldn't get out of there fast enough. Until we got blocked in and couldn't get the truck and trailer out. People were trying to get us to squeeze through a space that would leave about 1/2 inch on either side of the trailer. No thanks.

Got into our place here pretty late/early, crashed for a good sleep. Hit up the metro apparently there is now a IGA in town but didn't know that. Got out for a ride legs were good but the energy level was not at 11. Had a golden retriever burger, good stuff, then the low point of the night was watching Shutter island. Can't win em all, horrible, almost had to shut it off, some like it but i can't say it was a grand slam.

Woke up thinking it would be another draggy day. Got rolling up to the course,felt ok, hit the course on the hardtail for a lap, really different course, same layout but its not covered in 6 inches of mud, actually makes for a fun ride. Then took out the new 4 inch prototype, ill save the full review but me likey a lot. I'm not a full squish guy but this could be the bike to change that. we'll see i need a little more time on it. Finished it off with another lap on the FFH to make sure i was dialed on it.

The field will be a little different, lots of riders from different countries, kiwi land, kangaroo land, british land, and even some fellas from south of the border. Havy's favourite rider Liam Killeen is on the start list, should be a wicked race.

getting long, apologies, feels like i have some energy back

oh, and im anxiously awaiting some wednesday night fixie race reports....

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