Wednesday, August 18, 2010

another morning post.

Doing better after some witch craft treatment with a light, I still don't believe in that mumbo jumbo but, i went from a solid limp to walking well on straight line level ground.

Nice chill afternoon, convinced Krista I was immobile and she needed to bring out some movies, brought out Gunless and the last song, we watched Gunless, great stuff again from Paul Gross. Unfortunately we couldn't watch the last song, as I had to head to Horseshoe/copeland for a Ben Ricetto photo shoot. With Cayley and Mitch for the local paper. Meant getting on a mtb and heading into the woods, i made it just not very fast. Zero pain just lots of stiffness, my knee doesn't like the full range of motion, turned it into a single leg ride pretty quick. Good shots im sure, can't wait to see the article.

Probably going to set up the road bike on the trainer today, and see what can be done,

Looking forward to provincials, it will be killer,

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