Friday, July 2, 2010

Took the idea right out of my head

Yesterday was another chilly windy day, by summer standards. Kyle Fry is worried about an icefield shrinking out west. Not to worry a glacier has been forming in the Horseshoe valley, the locals are calling it Gores icefall. p.s. Kyle was 10th U23 in the TT nationals, props as the kids would say.

Back to reality, did some hill repeats yesterday on the 10th line south of bass lake. Went ok ish, could have been better but its what i could do, just gotta keep cranking and hope for the best. Finished into the wind, 220watts, flat road 16kph, sideways...strong winds of the glacier.

Mission of the day was to build a computer desk. Staples recommended hiring a guy to do it for 150 bucks, i said i'd do it for 30. Should have hired the guy. Pretty much needed a PhD in mechanical engineering, rickards white and red helped it was Canada day after all. Only screwed up one thing.

A tire change to the slant 6's is all i planned to do before heading out, then on closer inspection I realized my FFH needed some more tender care before riding it. Called Ben he said he was all booked for his race prep pro service. It was up to me. After a full wash, new pads, brake service, rotor buffing, and dislocating my fingers getting the Slants on I was ready to roll.

8th line, not nearly as bad as I've heard rode 75% of the trails and my arms are still intact. Still overgrown to the point you can't see the next corner but it was a good test for the tires. Which are pretty good, super high volume made for a very comfortable ride. The round profile took some getting used it. Its still no SB 8 but i think it could be a nice iffy conditions tire. If i was racing buckwallow i would run it just for the volume.

Plans have been formulated to ride around big chute tomorrow. I'm on a timeline which is good cause ill get my ass moving a little faster in the morning and hopefully beat most of the traffic around.

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