Wednesday, July 21, 2010

summer euro 09

Landed all safe and sound in Zurich after a long flight from Calgary to Frankfurt and a short connection to Switzerland. Scenic drive to Champery, short spin to the course to see whats up, turns out they changed things up and added a new section early on and took out a big chunk out of the climb.

Big dinner out which i think will the end of our server, never seen someone get so frazzled over separate bills. Came back and i think everyone passed out in their clothes on the beds.

Oh and we have some pretty decent internet here,

Headed back to the course to get comfortable on it, Right off the bat I was having some issues with a steap set of turns, as everyone else started to nail it I kept sliding into the well placed fence. Pulled the plug on it and rode the rest of the lap. Everything else was good. Came back to it, again fence time, Kyle came up and told me to stop riding over the roots and take the smooth line. huh who'd a thunk it. The new line worked,

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