Tuesday, July 6, 2010

now that was a bike race

ill get to today but before that a little recap of the best day of the week for an athlete, Monday.

Actually not to exciting got together with Krista and had some lunch and a mini golf tournament, killed it, my short game is really coming along.

Some errands done and checked off the list, and i was headed to midhurst for that thing that happens on monday's. Big group out, but it didn't take long to be down a rider when an un-named attendee decided to hit a drop on an XC bike that shouldn't be ridden on an xc bike, the good news is a new verb has been created and will be in the next websters dictionary.

Great ride in the summer heat, almost rode in just my bibs, loving the weather.

Headed to Woodbridge to drop off the FFH for some lovin, and back home to watch le tour on the pvr. awesome stage, kinda tired of the predictable flat stages and even the mountain stages, but to see that kind of racing is downright exciting. Ryder killed it, I can't believe i'm going to say this but even Lance really impressed me.

Gonna head out soon for some miles before meeting up downtown for the Tuesday nighter.

"does anyone have a pump?"

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