Sunday, July 4, 2010

its not about the score, the cup, the championships, its about that perfect throw, the perfect play,

(trying to make my titles more Pete Glassford inspired)

I'm fortunate to be able to get out and ride daily through the week but its mostly solo missions. So when the weekends roll around and i can grab people to go and ride with its a treat. Like I have said before I like Charlie great training partner but its nice to talk to a real person for a bit whilst riding.

Yesterday was another ride crossed off the list, headed out to meet Matt at some random road and hwy 12. Took the quiet roads to big chute road via some gravel. Immediately cyclists kept coming at us from the other direction, seemed like every km we'd see another group of people. The ride to the chute was nice, quiet road. Got there just in time to see a nice 50 foot yacht go down. Continued on got tired of waving at people coming the other way. It would have been a crazy workout for the twins to chase all those people down.

Got to the next lock in Port Severn(i think) and sure enough the 50 footer rolled in, we beat it by a nose. Lady walks off with a poodle in her arms and just starts talking bikes for a while.

Great ride, felt strong throughout finished stronger than i started. Starting to feel like i'm getting some form back.

Pool party, BBQ, to cap off the day.

I kept the beverages light and got some good sleep for today, Got up a little earlier to ride into town for the club ride. Left at 8, it was already hot started sweating immediately, again may have mentioned this but im 1/4 kryptonian on my fathers side so the hotter and sunnier the better.

Rolled straight in 93 to find a nice group assembled. Great ride into Innisfil/Alcona met some new members, came into town on veterans and convinced them to stop at Starbucks as i needed my fix. Great to have a nice sit down outside being educated on the finer details of smoking ribs. Did an extra loop out into Oro before finishing off with a ride straight into the pool, well I got off my bike first.

Great week, the hours were up there, legs feel good, a few more days and then outta here Friday.

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