Thursday, July 29, 2010


After 10 hours in the car a few mountain passes later including some wicked giro ones we made it to the next venue in Val di Sole.

Highlights from the drive include the best meal I’ve had in days at a rest stop, picture the McDonalds on 400 and 89 but a wicked 4 course meal. Some wicked tunnels and views, I took some good pictures, ill hope to upload a little later. Don’t have interweb at the moment so this may end up being one long post when we get back to Zurich.

Had a tight squeeze, about 1 cm clearance on either side of the van thanks to some random italian guy who guided us through with a scratch or two on the mirror.

Nice little town here nestled in a valley, back to a typical Euro cx/mtb course it sounds like, an Achilles heal of mine no doubt. Lots of bumpy open grass sections.

Big negative here is the coffee in the morning, absolutely horrible, couldn’t finish it. Again desperate times, I picked up some instant coffee, blah.

Time is ticking by this race is coming up fast, three days of prep until the race. A day to chill on sunday while the dh’ers race, maybe we’ll try to find a glacier to head up.

Wednesday report:

Rode a bunch of laps of the course today, better than I expected, kept hearing it was cross bikeable, but the descents are semi sketchy with the soft loamy interior BC’s esque lines. Nothing insane but you need to stick to your guns. Tons of climbing though, basically steep descent turn left and climb up a steep hill, kinda like Kelso on crack, shortish lap sub 20 easy could be interesting what they decide for laps 6 or 7. 7 will hurt a lot on the climbs.

Course is a big fitness course, other than just focusing on keeping up some momentum it will pretty much sort itself out.


Woke up to another breaky with the team, instant coffee is taking off, first people scolded me and turned their noses up at me, but now they have accepted the fact the hotel coffee is so bad I wouldn’t give it to a prisoner,

Good Recovery spin with the team, sure enough with all national team recovery rides it started to piss rain. The Maple leaf on my chest kept me warm though, a little lunch and a solid nap, now im sitting at the coolest Laundromat ever, the people are just as sketchy but the place is nice, very automated basically bean to cup Laundry.

They actually even have a sweet little coffee maker in the place. Sketchy people inside, so I’m sitting outside….looking up at rain soaked Italian…alps?…im actually not sure.

Good chat with Catherine P, i was explaining the tight race for the canada cup overall, she one upped me with her points breakdown for the world cup lead.

Project is going well getting to know some new non Ontario people. Well the two that are on the project. Leandre from Alma, who’s english is pretty good considering that and Lauren from swamish as she calls it.

Also having a stupid off with Laura, whoever says the stupidest thing takes the lead, we were back and forth for a while but she has taken the lead. A couple good ones there.

One more tune up Tomorrow on the course then its slaying dragons time on Saturday. Should be on Freecaster again, apparently I was seen crossing the line by some people I think they were the last 4 people watching in the world, thanks guys. Sorry I didn’t wave, I was pretty sure they had turned the camera off by that point.

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Matt Spak said...

What he said but in English. Make sure you wave this time