Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I can't run against these guys. Spurr, Matheson there going to hand me my head

Last night headed out at 5 ish to ride into town, I was a little chilly so I stopped in the store to warm up a bit. I was promptly told where to go to warm up.

Good ride with the club headed out to Carthew bay, I signed off the ride at the 14th and headed up to 15/16 to rode home. I'm still trying to get a feel for how long it takes from certain places. I wanted to chill but i kept having this urge that i needed to get a move on to beat the sun down. Passed a nice guy heading the other way, thought he looked familiar. Coming up to the 5th I saw two riders turn up in ahead of me. Now at this point the twins would have gunned it. I held back for a long while, until I really started to get worried about the daylight. I found I was riding in a real dead zone, So I hit my interval button on the powertap and bumped it up to Tempo. Didn't take long to catch the Duo, helped that they coasted down the hills, cooked by with a little wave, would have made the twins proud.

Turned up Bidwell, took off my glasses and realized I was wearing my dark shades and really I had probably at least 30 more minutes of daylight left.

Got to show Kevin around copeland this afternoon, again the goal was to see a Bear, cause apparently I am the only person in Simcoe county who hasn't seen one yet. No bears but a wicked ride, hit all the good stuff, Berms, other berms, and the 5th line espresso run, like coffee run but a bit steeper. By the end of the ride the heat was getting to me, after 4 or 5 days of it i'm finally conceding to I'm glad i have ac and a pool.

Getting long sorry, go get a bevy.......

One more thing on the agenda for today, Another round at Hardwood, I was hoping to give Gnarly another go but I also wanted to race with a group. Brendo, Spurr, Spak and myself all signed on for serious. I thought it would be a chill pace until the end. Nope, Tristan pulled a KD and said Im going hard off the start, he did, probably made it to the snow fence climb 20 seconds faster than the canada cup. He did ease off a bit once we hit the singletrail. Once the group formed Tristan unleashed a race strategy that may need to be deployed at nationals. Keep a nice speed through the singletrail, but come out and absolutely demolish the double-track sections so no one can get by. Felt like a short track from years past. I held on, Matt was popping on and off, Brendo was loving it. The plan was working until Tristan took a corner a bit wide rolled his tire and flatted. It was down to Brendo and Myself, He reversed the previous pace to spin the doubletrack (he was on a singlespeed) and destroy my heart and soul in the singletrack. Worked, and the last left hander coming into the finish I totally missed and that was that.

One more workout tomorrow trying to better my previous TT time. Looks like there could be some rain, might be nice(yeah i just said that)

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