Sunday, July 25, 2010

Houffalize Redux

Going into this all i had playing in my head was my houffa performance. Nats also was in there, wanted to slay a couple dragons today.

The sun was out drying things out nicely. Watched the womens race and got a good idea of what was what out there, the "Hell Zone" looked all good.

Warmup went ok, legs didn't really come around like I wanted but figured it was a pretty long race anyway.

Sure enough on the line they dropped it a lap as usual. DZ commented that we were pretty much exactly halfway. Start was semi-chaos made it through the bridge turn without incident and settled in for the start loop. Made some good passes, only to get swamped and nascared 30 seconds later.

Usual world cup first lap antics, really wonder about some peoples IQ's out there, I'd say the number one difference between north american and euro racers is Euro's race whoever is behind them, not the people who are up the trail 10 seconds. North Americans buckle down and move. Some people just can't ride their bikes in some stuff, we all have our skills and weakness in the technical, I'm no different but the last thing i do is throw myself infront of someone to impede them when they are riding past me.

Anywho the whole race is kinda a blur minus using 11 of my 12 matches to pass one guy, took me all race, finally got him using the drop, and made sure to make it stick.

Almost had my myself and my bike run over by a moto. He passed me over a bridge and I thought that was kinda weird, it wasn't the lead or follow moto. I follow him through a singletrack with a tricky root climb. Guy doesn't make it pulls the clutch and 400 lbs of guy and moto come rolling backwards, I do my best jump for my life as he hits my bike luckily it through it back and he didn't run it over. He came to a rest right beside me, and I'm sorry but i unleashed the largest amount of frack's ever in a race. Definitely a couple firsts, he just had this blank stare on his face, it was a weird one. Picked up my bike and ran up, to have a course marshal yell at me, I apologized for trying to race my bike at a world cup.

I think I just remember the more negative things, but it was a good race, I felt stronger than the past couple weeks, and kept trucking, made it through for the last lap and started to get that crampy bonking feeling. Realized I was the last one on course and just tried to ride clean and not take myself out. Crossed in 58th. Best euro world cup since this race last year, not as high 44th, but still happy to get some world cup points.

Worked on some wet rooty skills, drop wasn't a problem, hopefully get another crack at the course next year.

Big thanks to Norco for making sure i was all dialed with tires and parts for the trip, Scotty and KD had the bike dialed, Dan and Kelly for taking care of everything else.

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