Friday, July 30, 2010

ding ding round 2

Sun is out in full force today drying things up nicely. Course is in good shape, the more it erodes the more it reminds me of sunpeaks.

Legs feel good, but thats just one piece of the puzzle. If they send us out for 7 laps it will be a game of going hard enough to make the last lap and saving the legs,It's a course that if you have good legs you can move up 15 spots on the last lap.

And yes this has been a hot topic but all on the project agree that Italians are not as passionate about their coffee as you might believe. I've found some not bad stuff, but by no means is it exceptional. Pizza and Pasta on the other hand forget about it. its awesome.

Well i think its time to head back to the german/canadian compound.

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