Thursday, July 8, 2010

could be good could be bad

Heading out tomorrow morning, flight is at 1 so nice and sensible departure time, I hate those 5 am airport runs, full rest/travel day.

Some last minute stuff, I know i've had a while to prepare for this but sometimes things need to happen in order and just don't go as planned.

All packed, I'm getting good at packing pretty light, used to be a struggle to be under the 50lbs, now im sitting pretty at 42, carry on only is on the horizon I think.

Talked Tristan into the Time trial tonight, figured he'd have some frustration after last night. With thunderstorm warnings I opted to burn some dino fuel and drive over. Nice 45 minute warmup, Powertap was working this time around, numbers were good, weather was good, I even kinda mentally prepared for it, picturing the course the climbs the smoothest lines of pavement. I think I'm ready to get back into this whole racing business.

Tristan rolled in at 6:55, Mike staged us nicely I had some people to chase and Tristan by request behind me. Rolled out 5th, 3 behind me. I kept my wattage in check for the first 15 seconds, Allowed myself to get up to speed gradually. Settled in and before long was catching some riders, Looked back seemed like Muffin man wasn't really closer in or losing ground on the way out. Turned around passed my minute man. Got a look over at T-dog he was holding around a minute i think. The return i felt really strong and the more time ticked by the more confident I got I would be able to hold that output. The last couple minutes I was able to just keep upping it.

Set a new personal record, this time a PB 21:30. To be fair I think all but one person set a new PB tonight the wind was perfect tonight. Its nice knowing I have some form back even if its just over the course of 15 km. Tristan had a good ride especially considering a 3 minute warmup. 22:08(I think)

I guess thats that, as always travel interweb is dodgy but ill do my best to keep ya'll updated.

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