Sunday, July 18, 2010

any day now

About to go downhilling with Jay Hoots, on the new Phaser xc bike, should be fun. Get to try some new 10 speed shimano stuff.

Back to other things,

Before I get to my own race, just want to say how awesome the o-team did yesterday, with Evan taking the win in the junior race and Stafford topping the u-23 mens podium, also Noble and Marc Antoine's 2nd' know what they all did wicked.

After a relaxing morning a few pep talks I headed up to the venue in the Malibu, 100,000 km on it and the thing is done, I will never buy an American car ever.

Good warmup, legs felt light and airy, got lined up, start 10 hard pedal strokes then realized I didn't get the memo re:coasting the start loop, Race started after we crossed the start line a 2nd time with the Jette going to the front and a single file line was established, Got in behind DZ, starting to hit some of the rollers around the stadium area, and the old legs just weren't digging it. Breathing was up there too, I'd like to say the altitude...but its never affected me before here so no excuses it was just me.

Fell back aways trying not to impeded anyone else, got to the top and was wondering if i was going to be able to finish the 5 laps. Focused on my breathing on the way down and kept it smooth on the next climb.

By the time I started the 2nd lap my legs started to come around, I was able to make some ground back up, by the top my lungs were a hurting still, felt like i was having a heart attack on the way down, sharp pains in my chest everytime i hit a bump. I took off my HR strap and felt better for the 2nd dh on the course. Again focused on deep controlled breaths and by the 3rd lap, I finally felt like i was ready to go.

The last three laps were really good, Still not pushing some gears i would have liked but I was in a nice zone I new i could hold onto till the finish.

I was able to make up some good spots and finished stronger than I started in 6th.

Happy that I did everything I could have done out there.

Seeing Jarred win made my day, felt a lot better after that.

Lunch is ready, Switzerland tomorrow,

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