Saturday, June 5, 2010


Evening before my favorite ontario race course. Mountainview...ok Elliot lake is my all time fav but current course is Mountainview for sure.

Yesterday I got a nice ride in on my 29er, I had slicks on it though and a drop bar and mostly dura ace. Felt good except for my hip which felt like it wasn`t quite in its socket right. I think from the hard dismounts the day before.

Felt better today riding mountainview. Turned a few laps two solo one with Peter who is or was my pick for the win(im going to be right some day) but hes riding his bike on the gardener expressway instead. I was testing a new tread design for a few laps, switched back to gods tire(Small block) for another and am happy with that depending on how the weather goes tomorrow. I have some Karma`s on another set of wheels ready to go so i`m ready for whatever.

Stopped in on the way home to see the new place in Craighurst, not bad not bad, Scott Kelly is going to be super jealous of the AWI Service Course I have planned.

Should be good, after this is just riding and relaxing for a few weeks. 3 stage, Awenda, Big chute, a monday night ride, need to check all those off.

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