Sunday, June 6, 2010


I am worried this post could turn negative so to ensure I say what needs to be said I am going to say thanks upfront to the chico crew and mountainview for putting on another great race. Another challenging year with some sketchy weather but all was good at least by 1:30. Also to Kevin for his help this weekend, and to Adam Jamieson for offering me a slice of Pizza before my race....oh and to Adam, Emily and Jeff for reminding me to register. Twitter is great.

to the race, all was normal before, usual routine, got lined and started, my chain didn't like my last cog and it was skipping every which way. Matt P asked that i not junior him, I didn't and found hole on right and gained back some good positions.

First lap good, before the race there was a nascar esque agreement to run our dry tires, no changies allowed. So we slipped and slid our way around for a bit, but the course was gaining traction by the minute. First time on glassfords it was super greasy as it wasn't ridden in the earlier races. Rode the decent super chill.

Lap two more of the same, traction was coming around, just rolled the singletrail keeping out of the trees and pushed the doubletracks. Now my goal for the race was to get some good racing in and not crash. I was playing it cautious in the singletrack, not realizing that the real danger lurked on the double track. As DZ was coming by making some wise crack, I looked over and started to laugh or something and then all I remember is being on the ground. A stick flew up from his wheel and jammed into my front wheel or fork or something and I ended up in a heap on the ground. Got up, didn't swear, picked up the stick and gently placed it back in the woods and by gently I threw it as hard as I fracking could.

Remounted, Derek eased up to make sure I was good and I got rolling again, took me a while to get my bearings back. Jason was off the front now, pretty much out of sight. Got my bottle and proceeded to make up some time.

caught back on and the last two laps were pretty uneventful, DZ got a gap and I settled into my own groove for the final lap.

time to relax, and ride, hoping for some hot weather,

interesting positive note to end this post with, the pee wee male group was 29 strong even in the rain, thats awesome.

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Cjette said...

What? I didn't *break* it, I was just testing its durability, and then I *placed* it in the woods because it's made of wood and I just thought he should be with his family.