Saturday, June 19, 2010

time limit post

about to head to Hardwood hills(yeah i said it) quick rundown got most of the stuff moved, there are still some odds and ends to get but I have my main bikes, and tools, and clothes.

Did a 2 hour mtb ride yesterday, over to horseshoe via some simcoe county trails, then across the road into copeland. Wanted to find out how long the long way would take to get there or home from 22 minutes, prefect. I think the short way would be about 12. I think my MTB training time will go from 5% to 50%.(well 30%)

Brought the cats out in the afternoon, Had Darwin ride with me I've never heard a cat or any animal make that much noise before, he sounded like a dying giraffe. Molly is running around like she owns the place already Darwin is still in hiding.

Trains are loud, sorry train whistles are loud,

nice day, most likely flip a coin on ride choice this afternoon.

Tomorrow, road for sure, Awenda out to the store and back I think will be the goal.


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