Tuesday, June 15, 2010


First I forget to do this but like to send some love down the well to Peter and Robb both suffered brutal bear attacks, Peter was tackled off a BMX bike suffering a broken clavicle and Robb was minding his own business when a Bear jumped through a window and broke his leg while he was standing on a workout ball doing core. I think its high time that bears are finally proclaimed to be the number one threat to Canada. Get better soon guys.

Last night got out for the biggest MNS in a long time. I think there was about 20% of the o-cup elite field there. Legs felt good, had to restrain myself, complete opposite to last weeks.

A couple trips out to Craighurst with stuff, probably warm enough for a swim but haven't been in the glorified kiddie pool yet.

This evening I headed down to the fred grant ride, small group only 11 but they came from as far away as Beeton and Waubashene to be there so thats cool. Nice ride, worlds problems were solved post ride as usual. Came up with a solution to the BP oil spill, Stans, stuff is magic.

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