Sunday, June 20, 2010

peanut butter on a burger?

Talk at hardwood went well, crazy the questions 12 and 13 year olds can come up with on short notice.

Shot home to get the mtb and head to copeland for a ride. Hit the berms pretty early on, hard to avoid them once you know where they are, they bike seems to just be attracted to them.

I was starting to get that bored feeling i get sometimes mtbing, I found a huge drop off and was just standing there thinking some day. Then all i could hear was some loud people yelling as they ripped down the hill, thought it was a bunch of teenagers the way they were carrying on. Turns out i was wrong. good news is I found some riding partners for the rest of the ride. Boredom problem solved.

Got home, had less time than I thought to have a bite and build my fixie for the evening, and find everything i needed like my fire wire, 15 mm wrench, flat pedals.

Met at Matts in the Waub, had a nice chill ride, Tristan and Jacob one uped themselves by bringing out a "new" fixie tandem, I think they clipped their bars a couple times on the barriers.

Peanut butter burger awesome, found out that any beer in a dark bottle is a dark beer like budweiser.

crossed up a few barriers on the ride back, a little rusty.

Good road ride today, went exploring a bit to see what new roads i could find. think i rode 40% roads i'd never ridden on before. Had a Tom Hanks moment when I came to the corner of ron jones road and ebenezer road. busted right to Florida.

good ride capped off by a dip in the less than warm pool.

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