Sunday, June 27, 2010

Im told im scattered

Well thursday's TT didn't go quite to plan, actually it did I just didn't plan on setting a new PW. When the times were read out it was oh you must have been just cruising, I said yeah, thats what I was doing but in reality I was killing it.

Side note, trying to keep an eye on the rr updates on CC but it keeps messing up, my prediction for the W is Will Routley.

Friday the motivated Athlete in me wanted to put some good miles in but the coach in me looked at my HR at some new personal lows and turned it into 45 min spin instead. Got organized for the weekend and made my final run into the old house to pick up some more garage stuff.

Up early yesterday and headed down to Albion for the 22 hr of summer solstice, I found out Kevin was integrating the teams, racers, reps, tech guys, wife's, kids, grandparents, pets, all mixed up into two teams. I would lead things off for the "good" team and Stu Alp was first batter for the "evil" red clad team. Sitting around just as we were getting ready Stu said they should really push the start back, in 15 years of racing I have never had a start pushed back due to rain. Every time i mentioned it, I got "what do you think this is Nascar?" Well turns out it is rain delay till 1...1:30....then 2.

Worked out well as the rain did tail off by 2. Got lined up thanks to my Tag team friends "turning is over rated" and got started, these starts are dicey, and the slick conditions didn't help. First to go down was Stu, then I high sided but landed on my feet, got back on and found my swing. I was running new Karma's 1.9 ust, they were awesome just needed to figure out how to ride them. One more time on my ass and I figured it out.

Made it to the lead and held that through the first lap, felt good, much better than the previous couple weeks. The torture test Thursday night and recovery ride Friday appeared to help. I wanted to get some time in and I figured I was going to be good and dirty anyway so we planned for me to do the first two laps. I settled right back in after the transition, was 50/50 on whether I was going to get caught on the second lap. The course got chewed pretty good and the Karmas just loved it. Pushed it hard in the singletrack trying to get a good feel for the tires. And tried to keep the legs spinning nicely on the doubletrack. Felt good when I finished the 2nd lap and managed to keep the lead handing off to Nat.

Hung out, ate some food and did a 2nd ride 3rd lap at 6:30 ish, I decided it was going to be a Me lap, just enjoy it as much as possible, gave some pushes, or tried to rooty singletrack climbs make it hard.

This post is in danger of going over.

Good times at the 24hour, Chico and boys did a great job down there. Team was a blast all that good stuff.

After a good nights sleep i was hired(i forgot to ask for payment) to be a tour guide of Copeland, I told Matt, Jer and Tammy I didn't know it that well other than how to get to the berms. Somehow I managed to get a 3 hour loop together with very little over lap hitting all the best stuff, Matt P was a little on the grumpy side of things this morning, but I think he enjoyed himself. Except for the fact he's on a historic discontinued bike now.

"I think Copeland is Ojibway for goes uphill"

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Peter said...

good post, yes too long though.

what hr was too low (riding or resting ?)