Thursday, June 17, 2010


Couple trips out to Craighurst yesterday I really can't believe how much stuff I have, instituting a new rule effective immediately, If it doesn't fit in the Mazda its leaving. (excluding bikes...and furniture) but everything else.

Last trip out was later in the afternoon so I thought I'd murder two birds with one object and load up the FFH for a rip at hardwood to get a ride in. Hoping for more of a warmup and ride before hand but like I said too much stuff. Choose to race the gnarly longer than serious so really just more cost effective.

Fun race rode in the group for a while, followed Etienne for a bit until he took a wrong turn. Good thing I pre-rode most of the course. Then he chased me down the entire race every time I thought I had a nice comfy gap he'd chase me back down. Especially in swamp run, couldn't see the trail through all the grass, conquered all the skinny bridges happy about that, joyride pays off again. Cooldown, good workout after a busy day. Feel not strong, a couple comments from people Have you lost weight? yes, but not the good kind, got back down to my post Guatemala 130 and change last week. Need to get that back up. Saturday night should help with that.

Now just sitting on the floor making sure Starbuck doesn't totally loose her marbles with the house disappearing from around her.

Hopefully ride this evening at some point. Maybe take the MTB for a exploratory ride....

Get to speak to the Devo kids at Hardwood on Saturday, I'm stealing some/most of Scott Kelly's speech from the Talent ID camp.

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