Tuesday, June 29, 2010

changing it up

gonna start with the quote of the day stolen from facebook

"Saskachawan: hard to spell, easy to draw"

Of course some more house work monday, had the appliance repair man come by to pick up some rocks from the garden. Just as he was asking if i was going for a ride a hurricane came through.

Found out settlers ghost has a driving range,

Today was tackling the garage, or as i call it service course tetrus, I can walk through it now, but it probably won't be finished before i leave for a few weeks.

Also came to the conclusion that meteorologists and stock market analysts are pretty much the same. Cheerleaders. At the end of May they were saying it was going to be a warm dry summer. Sure enough the rain in June Shattered records in Toronto. Not to mention full fall gear today for my ride. Im sure they'll blame it on el nina or el pinta or el santa maria one of those.

p.s. the market was down today so you should sell everything.

Good ride this evening, went green played the odds the ride would end up going through Oro and rode into town. Took the long way and got some good miles in. Met up at sunnidale and headed out a new way, worked out really well, found some new pavement close to town. The tri club has the same idea apparently and are running their TT's there. Turned off up the 2nd to finish on bidwell.

gotta nail down some good rides soon,

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LizRoss said...

What... are you Christopher Columbus now?