Saturday, June 12, 2010


Saturday, I can't believe the forecast from Monday was correct that must be a new record for weather forecasters, I bet there is a huge party going on in Egbert right now.

Nothing to exciting to report on feeling a lot better still sleep a ton.

Got some more stuff moved the past couple days, amazing how much you can fit in a Mazda 3, think I had the front wheels off the ground when I took up all my tools.

Bummed I'm missing out on the Lafontaine interclub, new course put on by my second favorite club Mountainview. I heard they were giving away a hug per rider at registration.

Two weeks till Wisconsin, zero plans and almost zero training in the past few weeks this may turn into a solstice weekend.

That list of rides isn't getting any shorter, actually its getting longer, hope to be at it this week.

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