Thursday, June 24, 2010


Long week, most people take a year to get things they want to get done around a house. I think it will be done in 9 days here. And the trips back to barrie never seem to end. Last night it was taking a birdhouse back cause someone didn't check to see if birds were in it before loading it on a moving truck yesterday with the all the outdoor stuff.

I've managed to get some good riding in, Monday was another good MTB ride in midhurst we realized it was the longest day of the year and took full advantage rode a lot more trail than usual, and still couldn't finish in the dark.

Tuesday morning rain had me rearranging the downstairs and drilling holes in the floor for the TV and stereo always fun. Got out that night to the Sunnidale ride. Haven't been out to it for a while, its everything people say it is hard. Actually not quite hard, but not quite endurance either. We had a nice G3 summit afterwards,

Yesterday was a pretty good training day, got up early, the landscapers came in fuming about having to wait 45 minutes for "fuel", and the whats your dogs name?..Starbuck....oh like the ...... frack. Headed out on the beast-R bass lake all the way to orillia, then north towards prices corner, Moonstone, Vasey, and back through Hillsdale. Awesome ride, I think I got passed by a total of 10 cars in 3 1/2 hours. Just what I needed.

Stretching on the floor post ride, and the i get this feeling, first i thought it was the train, or the landscapers, got up right to twitter, sure enough Earthquake. Interesting. More moving in the afternoon/evening. Sat down on the back patio nice and warm out. Come in to see reports of Midland getting hit by a Tornado.

Did one of my Patented AWI crashes on the couch last night,

Today, building furniture, then headed out for a long ride with a 15.1km time trial in the middle, Love the long days of summer.

Weekend, Saturday riding bikes at Albion in the mud, Not sure I have ridden it any other way in the past 16 months.

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Peter said...

15.1 or 16.1 ?