Sunday, June 13, 2010


Got out for a ride today, it was a whopper, really I was just glad to get out going a little stir crazy. Actually the morning started with the first BCC adopt a road cleanup. The club has adopted a piece of ridge road, between Range road and the 3rd line. Guess the memo didn't get out and it was Orrin and I standing there each with 3 km of ditch. Orrin made an executive decision to call it a day. Try to gather some more people, may involve breaking into club members homes tying them up and dragging them out to ridge road. Chain them into a "gang" and dress them in orange jump suits....that should work.

Last night got over to Elizabeth's place for some good BBQ and cake, and watching Tristan split firewood with a "jobmate" axe, kinda scary. The challenge was to find a beer for Jacob that he hasn't had before, surprisingly most won the challenge even my ginseng, green tea beer.

Felt good on the bike, if nothing else rested so that's a start.