Thursday, June 3, 2010

Am I done yet?

Busy couple days(not riding), Dragged myself down to the doctor on tuesday morning for an 11 o'clock appointment. Got in at noon for my yearly(every 10 year) physical which took 180 seconds. Got my requisition for my second round of blood work for the UCI which he charged me for. Stop at the trek store haven't been in pushing Norco product as much lately.

Dinner and out to the tuesday nighter downtown, great ride just what the legs needed 2 and bit hours of nice smooth, not dirt riding. Though my arm was really killing me, any small bump had me wincing and by the end of ridge road I was resting my hand on the tops, kinda sketchy in a group but I had an angry arm and my last two fingers were even going a bit numb. I was convinced, while enjoying my brewed ice tea at second cup(thanks Jeremy and Tammy), to get into a clinic for an x-ray.

So after some things around here in the AM I headed down to the huronia urgent care clinic, I was a little nervous as this is supposed to be between an emergency room and a walk in clinic. As soon as I walked in I knew I wasn't an oddity, sitting down the guy behind me had some poison ivy and another girl had a headache. I was good.

Pretty quick 90 minutes to get my story taken another 90 minute wait for an x-ray turned into 5 minutes as no one ahead of me wanted to wait and went "to do stuff" the receptionist told me.

Doctor looked at my x-ray for 1 second said i'm good and he doesn't like tagaderm, last time I had a doctor tell me a bone wasn't broken it was. I was tired and had dinner plans so I booked it, I'll keep her rested and if it keeps bugging me ill maybe push for an actual radiologist to look at it. The numb fingers kinda worries me though.

Today was video shoot for some Norco promo stuff on a couple different bikes. I choose Coulson for its singletrack right off the road and it turned out perfect for Alex who was on foot to just run from trail to trail.

Got to practice my dismout/remount on the CCX in front of the camera, dismount is solid remount is sketchy not going to lie. Nice day of shooting in the BC sunshine as Alex called it.

Legs should be rested with only one two hour ride. Back at it tomorrow planning a ride to craighurst.

"When heard running and yelling down the hall at around 10:30, my mom gave them shit, and said to got to bed. They were quiet for a bit then got worse. My dad took action. Apparently he stepped infront of a kid running and he hit my dad like a brick wall and got leveled. My dad said "WTF do you think this is...some kind of amusement park?" and they apologized."

from Andrew De Cal's blog

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