Wednesday, June 30, 2010


After many failed attempts of making it up to Awenda this year, I finally got there, though it is a lot closer now. The wind was howling and the air was brisk, luckily I was able to find my fall weather stuff.

Great ride, a bit of a grind all the way north on baseline, uphill into the wind, kinda like those old walking to school stories. Made it to the store in just about 2 hours, they probably the cheapest convenience store you will ever find while riding. For reference moonstone is the most expensive. Had my lunch and headed out. I opted to try and make my way over to old fort road to head south. I really had no idea of what roads to take other than a general direction. After some random lefts and rights through midland and penetang i magically found it and i trucked it right down to Hillsdale and in.

The long weekend traffic is in full force with people taking off already from the city.

Dog training, Starbuck has gotten the jist of the invisible fence it only took a couple shocks and shes scared to leave the "safe" area. I really had my doubts about the system but i think it may actually work.

A couple more rides to go,

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

changing it up

gonna start with the quote of the day stolen from facebook

"Saskachawan: hard to spell, easy to draw"

Of course some more house work monday, had the appliance repair man come by to pick up some rocks from the garden. Just as he was asking if i was going for a ride a hurricane came through.

Found out settlers ghost has a driving range,

Today was tackling the garage, or as i call it service course tetrus, I can walk through it now, but it probably won't be finished before i leave for a few weeks.

Also came to the conclusion that meteorologists and stock market analysts are pretty much the same. Cheerleaders. At the end of May they were saying it was going to be a warm dry summer. Sure enough the rain in June Shattered records in Toronto. Not to mention full fall gear today for my ride. Im sure they'll blame it on el nina or el pinta or el santa maria one of those.

p.s. the market was down today so you should sell everything.

Good ride this evening, went green played the odds the ride would end up going through Oro and rode into town. Took the long way and got some good miles in. Met up at sunnidale and headed out a new way, worked out really well, found some new pavement close to town. The tri club has the same idea apparently and are running their TT's there. Turned off up the 2nd to finish on bidwell.

gotta nail down some good rides soon,

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Im told im scattered

Well thursday's TT didn't go quite to plan, actually it did I just didn't plan on setting a new PW. When the times were read out it was oh you must have been just cruising, I said yeah, thats what I was doing but in reality I was killing it.

Side note, trying to keep an eye on the rr updates on CC but it keeps messing up, my prediction for the W is Will Routley.

Friday the motivated Athlete in me wanted to put some good miles in but the coach in me looked at my HR at some new personal lows and turned it into 45 min spin instead. Got organized for the weekend and made my final run into the old house to pick up some more garage stuff.

Up early yesterday and headed down to Albion for the 22 hr of summer solstice, I found out Kevin was integrating the teams, racers, reps, tech guys, wife's, kids, grandparents, pets, all mixed up into two teams. I would lead things off for the "good" team and Stu Alp was first batter for the "evil" red clad team. Sitting around just as we were getting ready Stu said they should really push the start back, in 15 years of racing I have never had a start pushed back due to rain. Every time i mentioned it, I got "what do you think this is Nascar?" Well turns out it is rain delay till 1...1:30....then 2.

Worked out well as the rain did tail off by 2. Got lined up thanks to my Tag team friends "turning is over rated" and got started, these starts are dicey, and the slick conditions didn't help. First to go down was Stu, then I high sided but landed on my feet, got back on and found my swing. I was running new Karma's 1.9 ust, they were awesome just needed to figure out how to ride them. One more time on my ass and I figured it out.

Made it to the lead and held that through the first lap, felt good, much better than the previous couple weeks. The torture test Thursday night and recovery ride Friday appeared to help. I wanted to get some time in and I figured I was going to be good and dirty anyway so we planned for me to do the first two laps. I settled right back in after the transition, was 50/50 on whether I was going to get caught on the second lap. The course got chewed pretty good and the Karmas just loved it. Pushed it hard in the singletrack trying to get a good feel for the tires. And tried to keep the legs spinning nicely on the doubletrack. Felt good when I finished the 2nd lap and managed to keep the lead handing off to Nat.

Hung out, ate some food and did a 2nd ride 3rd lap at 6:30 ish, I decided it was going to be a Me lap, just enjoy it as much as possible, gave some pushes, or tried to rooty singletrack climbs make it hard.

This post is in danger of going over.

Good times at the 24hour, Chico and boys did a great job down there. Team was a blast all that good stuff.

After a good nights sleep i was hired(i forgot to ask for payment) to be a tour guide of Copeland, I told Matt, Jer and Tammy I didn't know it that well other than how to get to the berms. Somehow I managed to get a 3 hour loop together with very little over lap hitting all the best stuff, Matt P was a little on the grumpy side of things this morning, but I think he enjoyed himself. Except for the fact he's on a historic discontinued bike now.

"I think Copeland is Ojibway for goes uphill"

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Long week, most people take a year to get things they want to get done around a house. I think it will be done in 9 days here. And the trips back to barrie never seem to end. Last night it was taking a birdhouse back cause someone didn't check to see if birds were in it before loading it on a moving truck yesterday with the all the outdoor stuff.

I've managed to get some good riding in, Monday was another good MTB ride in midhurst we realized it was the longest day of the year and took full advantage rode a lot more trail than usual, and still couldn't finish in the dark.

Tuesday morning rain had me rearranging the downstairs and drilling holes in the floor for the TV and stereo always fun. Got out that night to the Sunnidale ride. Haven't been out to it for a while, its everything people say it is hard. Actually not quite hard, but not quite endurance either. We had a nice G3 summit afterwards,

Yesterday was a pretty good training day, got up early, the landscapers came in fuming about having to wait 45 minutes for "fuel", and the whats your dogs name?..Starbuck....oh like the ...... frack. Headed out on the beast-R bass lake all the way to orillia, then north towards prices corner, Moonstone, Vasey, and back through Hillsdale. Awesome ride, I think I got passed by a total of 10 cars in 3 1/2 hours. Just what I needed.

Stretching on the floor post ride, and the i get this feeling, first i thought it was the train, or the landscapers, got up right to twitter, sure enough Earthquake. Interesting. More moving in the afternoon/evening. Sat down on the back patio nice and warm out. Come in to see reports of Midland getting hit by a Tornado.

Did one of my Patented AWI crashes on the couch last night,

Today, building furniture, then headed out for a long ride with a 15.1km time trial in the middle, Love the long days of summer.

Weekend, Saturday riding bikes at Albion in the mud, Not sure I have ridden it any other way in the past 16 months.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

peanut butter on a burger?

Talk at hardwood went well, crazy the questions 12 and 13 year olds can come up with on short notice.

Shot home to get the mtb and head to copeland for a ride. Hit the berms pretty early on, hard to avoid them once you know where they are, they bike seems to just be attracted to them.

I was starting to get that bored feeling i get sometimes mtbing, I found a huge drop off and was just standing there thinking some day. Then all i could hear was some loud people yelling as they ripped down the hill, thought it was a bunch of teenagers the way they were carrying on. Turns out i was wrong. good news is I found some riding partners for the rest of the ride. Boredom problem solved.

Got home, had less time than I thought to have a bite and build my fixie for the evening, and find everything i needed like my fire wire, 15 mm wrench, flat pedals.

Met at Matts in the Waub, had a nice chill ride, Tristan and Jacob one uped themselves by bringing out a "new" fixie tandem, I think they clipped their bars a couple times on the barriers.

Peanut butter burger awesome, found out that any beer in a dark bottle is a dark beer like budweiser.

crossed up a few barriers on the ride back, a little rusty.

Good road ride today, went exploring a bit to see what new roads i could find. think i rode 40% roads i'd never ridden on before. Had a Tom Hanks moment when I came to the corner of ron jones road and ebenezer road. busted right to Florida.

good ride capped off by a dip in the less than warm pool.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

time limit post

about to head to Hardwood hills(yeah i said it) quick rundown got most of the stuff moved, there are still some odds and ends to get but I have my main bikes, and tools, and clothes.

Did a 2 hour mtb ride yesterday, over to horseshoe via some simcoe county trails, then across the road into copeland. Wanted to find out how long the long way would take to get there or home from 22 minutes, prefect. I think the short way would be about 12. I think my MTB training time will go from 5% to 50%.(well 30%)

Brought the cats out in the afternoon, Had Darwin ride with me I've never heard a cat or any animal make that much noise before, he sounded like a dying giraffe. Molly is running around like she owns the place already Darwin is still in hiding.

Trains are loud, sorry train whistles are loud,

nice day, most likely flip a coin on ride choice this afternoon.

Tomorrow, road for sure, Awenda out to the store and back I think will be the goal.


Thursday, June 17, 2010


Couple trips out to Craighurst yesterday I really can't believe how much stuff I have, instituting a new rule effective immediately, If it doesn't fit in the Mazda its leaving. (excluding bikes...and furniture) but everything else.

Last trip out was later in the afternoon so I thought I'd murder two birds with one object and load up the FFH for a rip at hardwood to get a ride in. Hoping for more of a warmup and ride before hand but like I said too much stuff. Choose to race the gnarly longer than serious so really just more cost effective.

Fun race rode in the group for a while, followed Etienne for a bit until he took a wrong turn. Good thing I pre-rode most of the course. Then he chased me down the entire race every time I thought I had a nice comfy gap he'd chase me back down. Especially in swamp run, couldn't see the trail through all the grass, conquered all the skinny bridges happy about that, joyride pays off again. Cooldown, good workout after a busy day. Feel not strong, a couple comments from people Have you lost weight? yes, but not the good kind, got back down to my post Guatemala 130 and change last week. Need to get that back up. Saturday night should help with that.

Now just sitting on the floor making sure Starbuck doesn't totally loose her marbles with the house disappearing from around her.

Hopefully ride this evening at some point. Maybe take the MTB for a exploratory ride....

Get to speak to the Devo kids at Hardwood on Saturday, I'm stealing some/most of Scott Kelly's speech from the Talent ID camp.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


First I forget to do this but like to send some love down the well to Peter and Robb both suffered brutal bear attacks, Peter was tackled off a BMX bike suffering a broken clavicle and Robb was minding his own business when a Bear jumped through a window and broke his leg while he was standing on a workout ball doing core. I think its high time that bears are finally proclaimed to be the number one threat to Canada. Get better soon guys.

Last night got out for the biggest MNS in a long time. I think there was about 20% of the o-cup elite field there. Legs felt good, had to restrain myself, complete opposite to last weeks.

A couple trips out to Craighurst with stuff, probably warm enough for a swim but haven't been in the glorified kiddie pool yet.

This evening I headed down to the fred grant ride, small group only 11 but they came from as far away as Beeton and Waubashene to be there so thats cool. Nice ride, worlds problems were solved post ride as usual. Came up with a solution to the BP oil spill, Stans, stuff is magic.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Got out for a ride today, it was a whopper, really I was just glad to get out going a little stir crazy. Actually the morning started with the first BCC adopt a road cleanup. The club has adopted a piece of ridge road, between Range road and the 3rd line. Guess the memo didn't get out and it was Orrin and I standing there each with 3 km of ditch. Orrin made an executive decision to call it a day. Try to gather some more people, may involve breaking into club members homes tying them up and dragging them out to ridge road. Chain them into a "gang" and dress them in orange jump suits....that should work.

Last night got over to Elizabeth's place for some good BBQ and cake, and watching Tristan split firewood with a "jobmate" axe, kinda scary. The challenge was to find a beer for Jacob that he hasn't had before, surprisingly most won the challenge even my ginseng, green tea beer.

Felt good on the bike, if nothing else rested so that's a start.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Saturday, I can't believe the forecast from Monday was correct that must be a new record for weather forecasters, I bet there is a huge party going on in Egbert right now.

Nothing to exciting to report on feeling a lot better still sleep a ton.

Got some more stuff moved the past couple days, amazing how much you can fit in a Mazda 3, think I had the front wheels off the ground when I took up all my tools.

Bummed I'm missing out on the Lafontaine interclub, new course put on by my second favorite club Mountainview. I heard they were giving away a hug per rider at registration.

Two weeks till Wisconsin, zero plans and almost zero training in the past few weeks this may turn into a solstice weekend.

That list of rides isn't getting any shorter, actually its getting longer, hope to be at it this week.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

good timing

after feeling a little off the past couple days, last night sealed the deal, cold sweats, achy muscles, headache. I would go from freezing under a bunch of blankets to roasting on top of them in 10 minutes.

Did get out for an easy mtb ride earlier which was nice. Energy level was at about a 2. But everyone was keen on keeping the pace chill.

hopefully its just one of those 48 hour things

Sunday, June 6, 2010


I am worried this post could turn negative so to ensure I say what needs to be said I am going to say thanks upfront to the chico crew and mountainview for putting on another great race. Another challenging year with some sketchy weather but all was good at least by 1:30. Also to Kevin for his help this weekend, and to Adam Jamieson for offering me a slice of Pizza before my race....oh and to Adam, Emily and Jeff for reminding me to register. Twitter is great.

to the race, all was normal before, usual routine, got lined and started, my chain didn't like my last cog and it was skipping every which way. Matt P asked that i not junior him, I didn't and found hole on right and gained back some good positions.

First lap good, before the race there was a nascar esque agreement to run our dry tires, no changies allowed. So we slipped and slid our way around for a bit, but the course was gaining traction by the minute. First time on glassfords it was super greasy as it wasn't ridden in the earlier races. Rode the decent super chill.

Lap two more of the same, traction was coming around, just rolled the singletrail keeping out of the trees and pushed the doubletracks. Now my goal for the race was to get some good racing in and not crash. I was playing it cautious in the singletrack, not realizing that the real danger lurked on the double track. As DZ was coming by making some wise crack, I looked over and started to laugh or something and then all I remember is being on the ground. A stick flew up from his wheel and jammed into my front wheel or fork or something and I ended up in a heap on the ground. Got up, didn't swear, picked up the stick and gently placed it back in the woods and by gently I threw it as hard as I fracking could.

Remounted, Derek eased up to make sure I was good and I got rolling again, took me a while to get my bearings back. Jason was off the front now, pretty much out of sight. Got my bottle and proceeded to make up some time.

caught back on and the last two laps were pretty uneventful, DZ got a gap and I settled into my own groove for the final lap.

time to relax, and ride, hoping for some hot weather,

interesting positive note to end this post with, the pee wee male group was 29 strong even in the rain, thats awesome.

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Evening before my favorite ontario race course. Mountainview...ok Elliot lake is my all time fav but current course is Mountainview for sure.

Yesterday I got a nice ride in on my 29er, I had slicks on it though and a drop bar and mostly dura ace. Felt good except for my hip which felt like it wasn`t quite in its socket right. I think from the hard dismounts the day before.

Felt better today riding mountainview. Turned a few laps two solo one with Peter who is or was my pick for the win(im going to be right some day) but hes riding his bike on the gardener expressway instead. I was testing a new tread design for a few laps, switched back to gods tire(Small block) for another and am happy with that depending on how the weather goes tomorrow. I have some Karma`s on another set of wheels ready to go so i`m ready for whatever.

Stopped in on the way home to see the new place in Craighurst, not bad not bad, Scott Kelly is going to be super jealous of the AWI Service Course I have planned.

Should be good, after this is just riding and relaxing for a few weeks. 3 stage, Awenda, Big chute, a monday night ride, need to check all those off.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Am I done yet?

Busy couple days(not riding), Dragged myself down to the doctor on tuesday morning for an 11 o'clock appointment. Got in at noon for my yearly(every 10 year) physical which took 180 seconds. Got my requisition for my second round of blood work for the UCI which he charged me for. Stop at the trek store haven't been in pushing Norco product as much lately.

Dinner and out to the tuesday nighter downtown, great ride just what the legs needed 2 and bit hours of nice smooth, not dirt riding. Though my arm was really killing me, any small bump had me wincing and by the end of ridge road I was resting my hand on the tops, kinda sketchy in a group but I had an angry arm and my last two fingers were even going a bit numb. I was convinced, while enjoying my brewed ice tea at second cup(thanks Jeremy and Tammy), to get into a clinic for an x-ray.

So after some things around here in the AM I headed down to the huronia urgent care clinic, I was a little nervous as this is supposed to be between an emergency room and a walk in clinic. As soon as I walked in I knew I wasn't an oddity, sitting down the guy behind me had some poison ivy and another girl had a headache. I was good.

Pretty quick 90 minutes to get my story taken another 90 minute wait for an x-ray turned into 5 minutes as no one ahead of me wanted to wait and went "to do stuff" the receptionist told me.

Doctor looked at my x-ray for 1 second said i'm good and he doesn't like tagaderm, last time I had a doctor tell me a bone wasn't broken it was. I was tired and had dinner plans so I booked it, I'll keep her rested and if it keeps bugging me ill maybe push for an actual radiologist to look at it. The numb fingers kinda worries me though.

Today was video shoot for some Norco promo stuff on a couple different bikes. I choose Coulson for its singletrack right off the road and it turned out perfect for Alex who was on foot to just run from trail to trail.

Got to practice my dismout/remount on the CCX in front of the camera, dismount is solid remount is sketchy not going to lie. Nice day of shooting in the BC sunshine as Alex called it.

Legs should be rested with only one two hour ride. Back at it tomorrow planning a ride to craighurst.

"When heard running and yelling down the hall at around 10:30, my mom gave them shit, and said to got to bed. They were quiet for a bit then got worse. My dad took action. Apparently he stepped infront of a kid running and he hit my dad like a brick wall and got leveled. My dad said "WTF do you think this is...some kind of amusement park?" and they apologized."

from Andrew De Cal's blog