Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Well, as you may have noticed my post count for the past 7 days is well down. Not a whole lot to tell, been trying to get that balance of rest and training back in check. Finally feel not jet legged and I'm sleeping normally for the most part.

Saturday I headed down to Albion to pick up my bike after Kevin working his magic on it, making it all new again, I still don't know how he does it. He must have some pixy dust or something. Actually had my fork installed, I was riding a demo fork, He told me to check the pressure, I felt it and said its good and I haven't changed a thing.

"From the factory out of the box and its dialed" Rock Shox I thought of that.

Good ride in the rain, the course was in great shape even with a small block fully ride able.

Sunday morning, awoke to some accumulation on the ground, left at 9 on the mtb taking as much gravel as I could to get down. Snowed till Beeton, and the wind was pretty good whenever I was headed west.

Arrived did the superman change into my Kyle Douglas racer/team manager transformation, and started changing wheels and pressures, mostly at random.

Good race, lap report 1-4 group of 4 at the front, lap 5, Adam at the front winning, thats really all I caught. Oh and Peter who I had bet the farm on, pulling off almost called a doctor as I have never seen that before.

Ben Dawson gets the SNPD award for best negative split lap times, managing to pick some spots off at the end.

Post race fight with Matt P, over him putting words in my e-mail, he left his helmet on, my hands are pretty bruised.

Hitched a ride home with Liz, told me some interesting things about Jacob, I never knew he had a birthmark.

Out of the country for two weeks racing,

Internet is super sketchy in Quebec so we'll see.

oh and I must apologize to all my fans out there, "I swear it was my first time, I have never taken that line before."

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