Monday, May 3, 2010

Sitting on the 8 hour flight from Frankfurt to Toronto, biggest plane I have ever been on I thought we were getting on a 747 with all the people that were lining up. As juice raph and I were sitting on the stairs waiting to get into the line to get into a line, I swore I saw Lt. Dualla walk by in line, I was a little far away so I was only 90% sure.(oh yeah I was totally right abouyt Paolo Pezzo asking Scott to touch her bum) Once on the plane sitting down and she walked past me, I was sure. I always thought those actors were too good to be real and they didn't really exist.

Backing up a day to the spring classic of mtbing, Houffalize. I awoke to the sound of a torrential rain storm. Just as the women were heading down to the course. Wished them luck and curled back inside. The rain quieted down and never started that hard again. But it was off and on.

The boys and I headed down around one to warm up and get our transponders. Warmup was a little difficult in the rain but I did the best I could.

Got lined up sun came out and it was baseball time. Right off the gun there was a crash on my side of the road, front row from the sounds of it. So there was a bunch of places right off the start. The start climb is actually one of the main climbs in liege-Bastogne-liege and I couldn’t imagine doing it on a road bike. I was ready for a hurt feast both physically and mentally on this start and it actually turned out to be not so bad. But when I got to the top my hr was only 170, where it should have been in the 180’s to 90’s. A good sign I wasn’t warmed up enough or cooled down to much waiting to start.

First downhill on the start loop was chaos as usually, lost my transponder at some point I think hence the lack of live timing. Found myself following the herd and cutting the course not realizing it till I was back on. I felt kinda bad, But when in Rome.

oh and they shortened our race on the line from 6 to 5 full laps. I put the hammer down and my legs were feeling weird, they would feel good for a few minutes then start to shut down a bit, like my fuel injection system wasn’t tuned up. I stuck at it and on my second lap I started to come around a bit, did a nice climb on the last climb of the course passed ten guys to be put into the tape by the 11th. Said tape does what it always does and proceeded to wrap itself around my cassette. I then lost the 10 spots plus another 5 probably taking it out.

The latter laps were just chaos, guys exploding, guys coming up from behind, guys jumping off to run up climbs that were completely ride able, it was the closest thing to nascar on a bike.

I was climbing and riding my bike well, but anything flat and soft, I was lacking the power to go through it. My cross legs haven’t arrived yet apparently.

Finished up the whole thing, I looked at this as my redemption race for Schladming last year, similar course and style where I just couldn’t pedal my bike. I was hoping for a better result for sure, but lead lap on a crazy day will have to do. I would have to say everything about Dolby was just solid, this race I was all over the map, I laughed, I cried, I bled, I nascar'd and got nascar'd in return.

So back home tonight, 5 weekends of racing in 4 countries(Hamilton counts as a country) has taken its toll, time to get some miles back in the legs.

A great trip as always, with some great team mates and amazing staff, Scotty and Kyle for keeping things light and airy(also keeping our bikes running) Amanda(not Amanda sin, well her too for being awesome but U.S. Amanda) for fixing me when I was broken, and the staff in Ottawa that helped in getting us all over there.

“you know I just wanted my bike to work in the mud, XTR, I thought of that”

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jvk said...

Soon as the gun went off dude on the 1st row just fell sideways. Pretty funny, well unless you’re behind him.

Race looked like a slugfest. Good job. Thanks for reppin’ Canada with a solid effort.