Saturday, May 1, 2010



So, I’ve been managing to do some quick twitter updates and such via ipod touch from the village in between laps. if your not already following me my thingy is swabag

Back to things, back is solid now, Amanda our soigneur worked some magic last night and this morning I was able to ride 100% without noticing any pain. If I thought about it I could but it won’t be a factor in the race, kinda thought it was going to be for a bit.

We were up early this morning hitting the road at 8:30 to get there for course opening at 9. We managed to beat the rush, and I did 1.75 laps. Did the tech drop twice changing my line slightly on it. Slayed that dragon, hard. Second full lap I was punching the climbs to try and open up the legs a bit, hurt at first but got more comfortable by the end.

Near the end of the lap I was catching Emily up the last climb, when a course marshal stepped out to watch her without thinking to look for oncoming traffic. I was going pretty hard we did the old left right left right, then both decided to just go straight, smoked into him. I did my best “awesome” he apologized then lost his mind on the Marshall further down for not warning him I almost stopped to say it wasn’t his fault(it was Emily’s) but wanted to finish my lap and not start WWIII.

Rolled through did my Merida recon work 5 riders out at 10:10 a.m. write that down.

Riding back to the van’s I asked Scott to push me up the (start)hill so I could save my legs. The Italian womens team came by and tried to lure Scotty away by saying he could push them. Scotty stayed true. Saying they’ll be back. I swear one of them was Paolo Pezzo.

I was looking forward to using some of my Italian, Bonjourno.

possible rain tomorrow Karma has been placed on the front, Small block 8 is staying on the rear.

heading back to La Roche for some interweb, if you are reading this Saturday means it was a success.

“To properly eat a Belgian waffle you must fill in all the holes.”


SimonK said...

Good luck tommorow!

Matt Spak said...

Kill it tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!.